July 29th, 2021 – 1,037

I, seem to have had a bad reaction to jab #2. Like, nothing serious but it knocked me down today something hard, to the point I had to take an actual sick day. I really hate doing that but I’m not gonna just sit at my desk too unwell to work, it rubs me the wrong way. Even so, I’m more just surprised it happened. No symptoms, I just feel run down, and no positive test. Just, freaky I guess.

I feel the last few days of TBS are, awful. Like, chuck it out and do it again awful, but I’ll do that in the rewrite. If nothing else, I don’t feel I could do any better in this state. Still, at least it gives me a framework. And, hopefully soon, I’m buying some new noise cancelling headphones, which will, I hope, help me concerntrate better. Maybe then I’ll dig out of this plot-rut.