July 26th, 2021 – 1,034

My mood seems quite fragile at the moment. I’m used to my calorie deficit so I don’t think it’s that, and I am sleeping enough, but I’m finding that I sit at work or at home feeling down an inordinate amount of the time. I think it’s just that now things are finally becoming less all over the place and slowing down, I’m starting to process how messed up all my routines and lifestyle factors got in the last two years. Good thing I have my therapists lined up.

TBS continues to go well at least, and I feel like I’m about to break into the second act tomorrow, along with a b story I’ve foreshadowed in a couple places, including an earlier book. That’s keeping my spirits up, but I was stressed enough today that I ended up breaking my phone case in frustration from the charger falling out time and time again. I worry that it wasn’t the charger losing its grip that caused it.