July 22nd, 2021 – 1,030

So the good news is I’m falling back with ease into my old routine, now with a much better diet. Four days in a row in the office, productivity is looking up and I think if I can hold my nerve I’ll be out of the WFH mindset once and for all. Great! The bad news? I’m shattered, every single evening. Going back to 8,000 steps a day and over an hour of walking minimum is tough, and when you’re running a calorie deficit to get your weight down anyway…

Today was, pretty good for writing. I wrote 1,950, and TBS grew by closer to 3,500 words. Why so much? Well the latter is because I had a chapter already written long ago, one I edited into shape a couple days ago. The former close to 2K? Just, in the zone. It’s been a while since I felt as truly immersed in writing as I did today and Sunday. I think it shows this is the style of story I enjoy most, as well as this being the novel I’ve thought about the most prior to writing.

Well, time to go make food and try to wake myself up a bit. On that note, tonight I really need to get to bed on time. My routine is fixed, but my amount of sleep is anything but. Wish me luck.