July 18th, 2021 – 1,026

Well, I didn’t tidy the flat, but otherwise today went remarkably well. My PC didn’t even explode! Kinda weird how that’s now a thing. I wrote, a lot, and while I don’t push for multi-thousand days, 2,150 is a satisfying total. I think the prose itself was a lot better too, and while it’s a bit too undramatic as written – along with most of my stuff, I need to do a pazazz edit some time – the heart is great. I’m starting to feel this story a heck of a lot more, and it’s pacing itself without my conscious effort. I spotted an unintended beat today and realised I’d put it exactly where it needed to be on autopilot. Feels good.

Hoping to be back in the office tomorrow. Nervous breakdowns are, not fun. It’s good that I was able to continue to work as I had been, even if from home, but I want to be back in, visible, social and openly functional. Long may that continue, even if I suspect ‘Freedom Day’ is going to be a bittersweet memory for many in the not too distant future.