July 14th, 2021 – 1,022

So TBS is on its 4th day and, well the first chapter and a half are good, and what I wrote today was, awful. I can tell when I’m writing a section I’m going to rewrite from scratch later, and the feeling ain’t a great one. Yes, I’ve left what are essentially detailed notes in the form of story, and the plot points are good, but man, the prose is weak. I can do better than this. Of course, this week’s theme has been ‘I can do better than this’. It’s also been one of ‘sometimes people outstay their welcome’, and I’m having to make some tough choices if I want to be thrown into a week like this again one day.

Not, the happiest note I’ve ended on. Granted, after 2020/21, far from the lowest, but I do not feel good right now. Didn’t even go to the shop, and that, well that worries me.