July 12th, 2021 – 1,020

I ended up working from home, but in a weird way that’s ok. I spoke to mum on the phone about this; it’s like now I have the option to work in the office, I don’t resent working at home as much anymore. Of course, that doesn’t mean I like it. I feel far more productive in the office itself, but I can work well at home and stay on top of my queue. I think I just need to speak to my therapist about healthy ways to approach the balance, and figure out if I should try and make home work for me better or cut it out. Or, maybe it’s a middle option. Maybe my head is a mess and I just need to cleanse it.

So I didn’t end up starting TUS; not sure if I mentioned that yesterday or not. Just checked, no I didn’t, I blogged before target. I just dove into TBS instead, and I’m rainchecking TUS for a little bit while I do some baseline planning. Wherever I work tomorrow the flashcards are coming with me. But for now, I need sleep.

Oh one other thing. My friend put me onto a great book, ‘Dungeon Crawler Carl‘. It’s fantastic and well worth a read if you like litRPGs. One day I still want to write one, and probably it’ll be Clockspinning. But I mean, I have a backlog of novels to write as it is, so maybe I need to come up with a way to dip my toe in sooner, else I may just never get around to it…