July 11th, 2021 – 1,019

Just got back to the flat, so at least something came home today. I’m not going to pretend I’m some kind of font of football knowledge, but I am a lifelong fan. I wish I still had my 2004 England World Cup coin collection, and I have a lot of odds and ends of Southend memorabelia from over the years. I hoped Englamd might go all the way to take some of the sting of the latter’s relegation from the football league, but that game was brutal. Was something to behold all the same.

I’m still needing to do target despite the hour, mostly because a friend tanked my mood earlier today for several hours, and it took a lot of work to lift myself out of that fug. So, I’m a little torn. I would have liked to spend much of the day focused on Unreachable, but as it stands, I want to get to bed at a decent time, so I’m toying with 1K of MAL. Only problem there, is that MAL is already too long. So um, I don’t know. I might just do some ‘filling out’ of short TUS chapters, and then see where that leaves me.

I’m very tired. And if I’m honest, I’m leaning towards working from home tomorrow so at least I don’t have the walk to knacker me before what’s probably going to be a busy week. At least the flat is tidy. Ish…