July 5th, 2021 – 1,013

A great start to the week. Managed to get a good night’s sleep, got to work early, mowed through a lot of tasks and even managed to get a 1,400 word target in to boot. That brings MAL to 94,000 words, or closer to 88K if I account for 6,000 or so words I’m pretty sure I will cut for now. And it’s still not done. Is 98K the new 86K, which was itself the new 75K? And is that last sentence completely incomprehensible to everyone but me? To answer the second question, no, because no one else reads this, so I can be as nonsensical as I want. To answer the first, maybe? I think it’s more that a story is as long as it needs to be, and this one had a lot going on to play with. Still, it’d be nice if I could extend TUS to be at least 86,000 words. As it stands, it’s the only novel to be below eighty thousand. Or, is that me using an arbitrary number to justify bloating a tight story?

Well for starters, TUS isn’t tight. It needs a lot of work, and I need to do a full rewrite, if not from scratch then at least with a fine tooth comb and a hatchet. When I finish the WHT conversion to audio format edit, then TUS is likely my next target. As it is, that project is a little on hiatus as I do an initial continuity/style clean up of MAL. I know you should put a novel in a drawer before you edit but boy do I wish I’d done this with TWR as I wrote that. Maybe it wouldn’t be looming so large in my mind if I’d done that, or you know, at least known what the book was about as I wrote it. To my credit I think I know what TWR is about now, I just need to rewrite it to make it about that. I am a sloppy writer.

Ah well, at least I banked early target.