July 4th, 2021 – 1,012

Happy Freedom Day America. Sadly the closest American to me – not in the literal sense – is having a really tough day today, so I hope they’re ok. As for me, well, I’m writing in daylight hours again so that’s positive. I also feel more confident with MAL in general as I reread the early chapters. I think this novel is stronger than I thought, but really it needs to sit in a drawer for a while as I get some distance to improve it. Now I’m at the 92K mark and in theory looking to finish it in the next five or so days if I can, it’s time to start looking at TBS, which has an interesting quirk.

TUS, WHT and VOL are set in 2011. TSS is set in 2013-14, and TFS 2015, WAN 2016 and TWR is 2017/1993. TWO is 2018, and MAL is 2019. But I was always planning on having a small time jump again here, and it turns out TBS is set in 2021, mid 2021. TBS is set literally right now, as the world currently is. In other words, covid is a major plot point. That’s going to be tough to write about, because I had a very bad pandemic mentally. So processing that is going to be hard, especially as the novel is going to see some pretty raw memories surface. The one bright spot is the 2019 election goes ever so slightly differently, even if only in one seat. Shame it’s not Eastbourne but what can you do.

Tonight is a very special night for me, as for the first time in almost sixteen months, I’m going to my dads. Hopefully I can do that next Sunday too, and maybe even get to watch England in the 2020(?) Euros final if they beat Denmark. I’m, not holding my breath, but I’d be happy to be wrong.