July 2nd, 2021 – 1,010

There is nothing quite like writing a blog post while it’s still light outside. Given I only ever do that when all my other mandatory tasks – outside you know, my job – are done for the day, you can imagine how satisfying it feels. When you consider it’s also Friday, meaning a nice restful weekend ahead to boot, and that the sun is shining bright, honestly it’s like I’m purged of the proceeding 9 days and their bile.

So in hindsight, 1K1K was pretty much 1K+ 2.0. ‘Don’t hype up milestones’ is another new rule to go with ‘Don’t overburden target with additional goals’ and ‘Just write early you dingus’. I’m not sure how I could add those eloquently to the mantra but to be honest, I don’t want to overburden that either. Have I even posted the mantra on this blog? Probably not but who cares. Point is, I’m going to be more careful about significant days. That said, I think 1K1K was going to be melancholic no matter what I did.

See, I think I underestimated what getting too hung up on big day counts was going to do for my perception of mortality. Yep, my mind went there. I mean on the day I think I wrote either here or in my journal about how reaching 10,000 will happen in my 50s and 20,000 might be outside my life expectancy. That means I’ve completed 1/20th of the project most likely, maybe even more. It’s kinda natural my response to that was ‘well damn, am sad’. Trying to look at that more positively and just take each day as it comes now.

MAL hit 90K today, and it’s still got a few chapters to go. My soft deadline is the 9th, so a week from today in other words, and it should be doable. I don’t really sprint to the finish anymore because I see no reason to, unless I’m so excited I wanna write a scene right now. Even then, leaving it for tomorrow is a nice feeling too, so I’m trying to be more sparing. In the edit of MAL, the first 7 chapters are all strong now, and the rest of the book is falling into place. If I actually pull off making an action-thriller out of a by-election I am going to be amazed.