July 1st, 2021 – 1,009

I guessed today’s number but alas, the short lived period where I just instantly knew what day i was on has long passed. Thankfully, despite the late hour, so too seemingly has the melancholia which bogged me down. And all it took was spending an ungodly amount of money on Switch games. Who knew! I went to CeX when my shift ended and bought, well a lot. I decided that I want a Switch library; I was looking at classic video games, but this is a more practical use for my budget right now. Selling my bigger ticket Magic cards to afford this but it’s all worth it.

MAL is currently the story I’m both writing and editing, and while yes I need to do a proper edit after leaving it in a drawer, I’m surprised how well this has come out. My baseline quality is much higher than it used to be and it’s really starting to show now. Of course I won’t let a little pride of authorship go to my head; that needs to be purged and my head focused on making it better. But it’s nice to feel confident. I just hope I’ve made the book action packed enough. And as for the deadline, well 8 days seems doable, but we’ll see if it’s enough. It feels right though. Order, order is nice.

So is Miitopia.