June 27th, 2021 – 1,005

I really do not like killing characters. I’m not one of those writers who won’t, but I’m also not the type to relish in the random scythe. Neither of those approaches are wrong, they’re no different than any other world-or-storycrafting tools, but for me, I get emotionally attached, and then sad when the time comes to lower the axe. I suppose spoilers, but then I haven’t said which project I’m referring to, and it might not be one you’d expect. But suffice to say they deserved better than I gave them, and I feel a bit blue from it.

Other than that, and a late post, today was pretty normal for the most part. I am writing super late yes, but then I am in a bit of a bad patch so no surprises there. I am also aware that I may have to work from home tomorrow as I was pretty run down today, and a late night won’t help that, but I’ll prepare my lunch box in the hopes of otherwise. My mood in general is a lot better than it was on 1K1K, and things like the late-night movie marathon yesterday helped there a lot. I just hope that it really was a blip, and that I can be back to normal now. Tired of being low.