June 25th, 2021 – 1,003

A better day, even if I’m blogging at gone eleven in the evening yet again, and even if I imagine this will be a late night. Friday kind of gets a pass on that score. The upside is I was organised, very productive and managed to re-establish my diet routine after a trio of sub-optimal days. I managed to pick up yet another Chatterfang, so that was sweet, and also made a lot of progress in terms of moving on from 1K1K. Honestly, I feel like the blip never happened, outside of the sleep routine being a pinch out of whack.

I’m starting to really fall in love with MAL’s themes and plot. I still think this draft needs a boatload of TLC to fix, but I’m less pessemistic about it than I was going into the meat of the second act. End of the month confident? I think that’s a stretch as I’m estimating closer to 87,000 by the 30th. Still that’s far from bad, and it means I should leap into TBS and finish that, fingers crossed, by 3Y1K. There’s a milestone I know will be smoother, as it’s all about celebrating a successful year, not stretches of time I struggle to get my head around. So with that said, I guess I better start my evening winddown. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s post is earlier.