June 22nd, 2021 – 1,000

Earliest target in weeks. Not that surprising given, you know, but still an achievement. I don’t think it necessairly heralds hat I’ll be getting back to squarely AM targets just yet but it’s still positive. I just, wish my mood was at the moment.

See, I’m not down, but I am in a very pensive mood. I wondered if 1K1K was going to be more like Christmas or, weirdly, like a funeral. It’s not like the project is ending but, it’s sort of like leaving beta? There is an innocence to it all that hitting this milestone means is behind me. I guess, 1K has been a bit like a second childhood, a do-over that let me pick one skill and min-max the heck out of it. So there’s a melancholia to today, and while not funereal, it’s still all too real, yet somehow surreal too.

This is I guess why I took today off work. I knew I would need time to process it all and, well I do. I would prefer today was celebratory, but I’ll take it as what it ends up being. There’s a lot to reflect on after all, more than just covid. A lot changed in the last two and a half plus years. Most of it was for the better but even then, it’s a lot to process now I stop and take a moment. But I do have a plan on how best to do it. Once I’ve had my lunch, I’ll set off.

My first visit to Ore in two years and a month. Seriously two years, 30 days, if 1K1K came a month ago it’d be right on the money. I’ve no other plans in Hastings, just, go there, and spend some time. Maybe just ten or twenty minutes, maybe the afternoon, I don’t know. Some alone time to think.