June 21st, 2021 – 999

You know, most days as I write the title of these posts, I like to double check on the front end of the site that I’m putting the right number after the year. It’s easy enough for me to fix after the fact of course; I can edit any post on this site if I really need to without accidentally bumping it to the current date. But today, funnily enough, I didn’t need to double check that number. It’s, still a little surreal seeing it, even if I only started tracking the day of 1K I was on with day 301 in blog titles. One day I might go back and add in days 133-300 in the titles, but no rush.

When I started 1K, day one moved me into single digits. Of course 1K needed a few days before it could become 1K, as until then it was just a mildly impressive streak. But I was cognizant of hitting 10 days, thus double digits. Granted, I was incredibly unwell around that time, so I was a bit distracted, but it did occur to me. When I hit triple digits, it was the start of 2019, and I was a little distracted by the end of a three year relationship just over a week prior, as well as the collapse of my personal finances. That was, an odd time; I was stable, but rebuilding from bedrock, even if thanks to 1K, I was above absolute zero.

In the 900 days that followed that day, 1K changed a lot, even as the core word count did not. I added the blog on day 133, and then just after 1Y1K, I started doing my editing every day. And then, 1K saved me from losing my mind as the coronavirus more or less obliterated the rest of my life. It’s fair to say a relationship ending and financial disarray were bad, but 2020 somewhat outdid that; 2021 wasn’t much better. I managed to not only regain lucid control beyond just 1K, but also got better than I was before, sorting my routines, my diet, my exercise and my social life in one of the most rapid turn arounds since 1K began. And now, we move into four digits.

The next time I will move up a digit, will be in over twenty four years time. February 11th, 2046. Heck I might not even be alive by then for all I know. But it’s more than that of course. A thousand is funnily enough a number that is quite close to 1K. I’ll only get one day like tomorrow in my whole life. So, I’m glad that I’m writing this before noon the day before, and that all my writing tasks are done for the day. It means as long as I don’t do something silly, I’ll be getting to bed on time, and awake at 7:55am to take in the day. I’ll sit down, write a thousand words, and then, well once that’s done, I go to the station and pick up my ticket. I’m glad that I’m able to travel, and spend a little of this day in the place it all began.