June 20th, 2021 – 998

Just got back from seeing dad for Father’s Day, so that was nice. A bottle of Disoranno has become my “when in doubt” gift but I know it’ll always go over well. I’m trying to love towards gifts like that which don’t add clutter but add to an experience, like say, watching the football tonight. My step-mother’s ties to Wales as well as my general fondness for the country lead me to really hope for an upset against Italy. You never know.

I write before heading out, and it’s just so nice that thanks to the diet, I feel more prompted to stay on track in my routines in general, making early target much easier. There’ll be other Thursdays like last week’s but my confidence is up instead of down. And what’s more, we’re now 2 days from the big day, so I’m just feeling elated that fingers crossed, I’ll go into it content and in control. That’s all I ever wanted for it.

Was speaking to one of my closest friends today about her struggles with overwhem and motivation. We ended up having a bit of a revelation that the best thing she can do right now is puck the goal she cares about – art – and treat her life like a video game where getting better at art is the goal. It was a lovely conversation and the kind of lightbulb moment that sorta reminds me of early 1K. I really hope I can take what I’ve learned through all this so far to help people like her.

Right, time to sit back, chill with some Graveyard Keeper, and look ahead to a productive week. Life won’t always be this stable, but just like my dietitian told me with food, you’ll enjoy it more of when it’s here, you savour it, make it last, and make a note. God I love this blog.