June 19th, 2021 – 997

Another week that went wrong. I’m not surprised, but it’s still gratifying that I can say I recovered from the bad day of Thursday pretty much overnight. I have noted that I tend not to bounce back fully in a day, so I am all too aware I need to take things slow and not take for granted that I’m ok. The good news is next week, I’m off on Tuesday and that will break the week up a little. And, as of today, I’ve booked the next part of that. One ticket, and the furthest I’ll have travelled in nearly two years I believe. That’s a strange thought, though, forgive the cheesy metaphor, I’ve still come a long way in that time.

MAL hit 75K today, just about clearing that bar. I don’t write 75K novels anymore but it’s still a milestone that lets me feel I have now written this novel, even if it’s not finished just yet. A lot of polishing to go before the whole novel is done of course, but I’ve come to really like this story in a way I was not expecting. Of all the B-stories I’ve come up with on the fly, or even all of them full stop, this one is my favourite. So yeah, all is well, and in three days, we reach that milestone. It, feels weird, but good. We were talking yesterday about PirateAba – author of The Wandering Inn, one of my favourite series – and how she churns out a million words in a pace that makes me look slow. I wonder if in the next thousand days I’ll find my own secret to that. I sure hope so.

And no I am not doing 1K+ again that was stupid. But, there may be other ways…