June 18th, 2021 – 996

2pm. Back on track. Today was a much better day, even if the weather hasn’t reflected that. Granted, I like the rain, but still, it’s a bit dingy outside. I have to get through this weekend by sleeping at a sensible time and waking at one too. If I can do that, I’ll go into Monday with all my energy, and then Tuesday ready to celebrate in style. We’ll have to see, given I’ve no way of knowing what the weekend will hold. But I’m feeling, positive. Life isn’t perfect right now, but it’s getting there. Even with Thursday as a setback, I feel that confidence that I’m going to come out of this stronger renewed. Maybe, because of Thursday.

I did some editing on TWO today, and on a chapter I’d listed when writing as the best in the book. It’s, a nice feeling when your own writing gives you chills. I hope one day, I can have a book full of chapters like that. With AWS Polly I feel that’s more of a realistic goal than it’s ever been before. I cannot wait to make myself an audiobook of WHT once I’ve combed that one, and just be able to sit back and enjoy one of my own books. That’s all I ever really wanted, and now, it’s cheaper than a take out to do it. Just a shame my bank account is about to take a £40 hit from the Mark Poole Secret Lair. Then again just look at it.