June 14th, 2021 – 992

Another early target, and another day of the diet seeming to fix things. I’m gradually improving and making the best of the day. Work is going well, and I have a definite sense now the coffee machine is fixed that life will get gradually back on track. I’m a little tired still, but I think it was the heat. Normally that’s why this time of year is so hard for me: I can’t sleep as well. But if I manage to figure that out, then there’s no reason for this month to get worse. I’ll be vigilant.

MAL is progressing well. I think as of today I’ve managed to connect back up to the cards I created of scenes. If I manage to continue that, then the rest of this story should be easier to lay out. The flashcards seem to be a great asset to my story creation, and for that matter to a whole bunch of stuff. I may need to buy several hundred more of them when I can, and I could do so today with my latest Amazon voucher – thank you ONS – but I should put that towards some scales and a new FitBit charger. As important as innovating my storycraft is, my wellbeing is the task I need to focus on for now.

Eight more days after today. And when I write on the eighth, a thousand. I know I’m repeating myself, but, it still blows my mind. And I really hoped I would be better in time for it. I never imagined I might change as I have in just three days. Too early to call, but here’s hoping.