June 13th, 2021 – 991

Well isn’t this a nice change. I kept yesterday’s post short because I wanted to make sure I got to bed as soon as I could, and see if it worked. Instant results will vary of course, and I am expecting a rocky few weeks as I adjust to a healthier diet but, it’s two in the afternoon, and all my writing is done. Like, placebo or just a sign of how much I needed to cut certain stuff out of my life I do not know, but as if I care? I feel great right now, ready to face the day. And what’s better, I have managed to figure out what to fill the missing MAL scenes with, that being pretty much what I came up with. 1,100 words banked today on top of the 1,450 yesterday mean I am getting back into an April-like stride.

Caution will be the watch word as we continue down this path, and I do need to not get too hung up on a pristine 1K1K day. Hiccups will happen, and that’s ok, because I’ve had those all across the last thousand days. But I have to say, if I go through this final stretch feeling as I do now, that’s a hellava end to the first thousand. I can only hope that the next thousand days after see anything close to this improvement. For once, not a cloud in the sky outside.