June 7th, 2021 – 985

Ok, was kind of hoping I wouldn’t be writing this at four minutes to midnight, but I guess I can’t help being ill right? Thankfully these days, it’s easier to work from home when ill and not have to take a sick day, meaning I remain on top of my queue, feel I’m not losing momentum, and most of all don’t have to do 10K of steps if I don’t feel up to it. Granted as soon as busses become not-death-traps I’ll probably do that and keep home pure, but it’s nice. Ok not nice, being run down sucks, but it is what it is.

Only major news of note is MAL hit 60K today. That’s great, although I have already marked some 7-8K of words to be cut. But either way, woo for milestones. And when I hit target tomorrow, there will be just 14 more 1K days to go between me and the biggest one so far. Eyes on the prize.