June 6th, 2021 – 984

Back in the office tomorrow. I’m brining a kettle, as I do not want to have to work from home just to have a damn coffee. Can you tell I’m bitter? I put my double espressos and black coffees to shame. But whatever, fresh start, and yes I’ve written late so I won’t be on a full night’s sleep, but again, what can you do? Pick myself up, carry on with civility, and keep my eyes on the prize: 1K1K, another novel in the bank, and all the stories to come. I have reason for optimism right now, and I want to focus on that. And yes, tomorrow I will be booking the 22nd off. Wednesday would make more sense of course but, well, I didn’t start 1K on 26/09/18, and I can’t just delete a day so, that’s day 1,000. And, that’s when I launch the next chapter, in a manner of speaking.

Stay tuned my imaginary readers.