June 4th, 2021 – 982

You know what? This week was a mess, mostly because of the hot water machine at work – which is why I’m bringing a kettle on Monday. That said, this was a lovely day to end the week on. I honestly would not change anything about the day. I think I also found the story I want to tell in MAL at last, even though it took a while. And, I think I finally figured out the genre I like to write: Mellow/Melancholy Romantic Sci Fi. Mouthful, yes, but it makes me happy. I like to paint on a backdrop of how imperfect the real world is, and juxtapose/enhance that with science fiction elements, a sprinkling more than the whole story. And most of all, I like characters forming cute bonds, even if sometimes those bonds can’t last.

So yeah, today was a good day. Here’s hoping a good weekend follows.