June 1st, 2021 – 979

Wow today was awful. For real, today was terribad on so many levels. Hate to be cryptic but natually I can’t exactly detail why that was, but I can in an odd twist talk about two ways it was more positive. The first, is I am very lucky to have such a strong support network of friends and family around me. When I have days like this, I never feel I have to face it all by myself. And the second, is that the cue cards arrived. And they are perfect. They’re Magic card sized, so I can only fit a little on each, and that works. I want to keep scene pitches to just that: a pitch. It also means I can sleeve them to keep stuff from rubbing off, and best of all? I now have drywipe Magic tokens. Win-freaking-win.

For real though, otherwise, today was garbage.