May 30th, 2021 – 977

Oh look I’m posting early tonight! Pre midnight and everything, woo! Yeah, by single digit minutes I imagine by the time I finish this, but you know what? That’s a win, it’s an improvement, and I will accept that. I’m still feeling a bit bleugh, but it’s a bank holiday tomorrow so no harm in that. MAL is, interesting right now. I think I may have found the story I want to tell, though I still want to do the flashcards. Actually I just realised writing this what I need are drywipe flashcards and magnets. How did I not realise this before? Ok be right back.

Actually no, two points: first, need to finish the post; second, I should explain my reasoning. I still find paper discomforting, but that’s not the main reason for once. Reusabiliy means I can keep using the same ones over and over and never ‘run out’, and it also means I can tweak details without redoing a whole card. Only other way to do that would be in pencil, which is harder to read at a distance. Pencils also cause the paper problem to be worse for me.

Ok good talk.