May 27th, 2021 – 974

This week knocked me on my back, that’s for sure. Combination of my old weakness for large routine changes that hits my mood like a sledgehammer – even if said change is good – and of course my oldest nemesis: bad sleep. Late nights, and waking on time to be at my desk early every day has been, no good. Ok some good; not sleeping in is always good, I want to be professional after all. Annoyingly as I have been working from home most of this week after getting run down, I keep hitting the odd technical difficulty, which are a pain to untangle when firing on all cylanders; I’m a ways off of that.

MAL is in a strange state. The novel feels alive and thriving, but the pieces are scattered. People usually complain that they follow all the good practice and the story just doesn’t spark. This novel has the spark, but my half asleep dopey brain has events from Bad Guys Close In happening almost in the first act. No idea if I already said this or not, but I need to get 40 cue cards, write scenes in pencil on each, define their purpose, conflicts and how they fit the theme/premise, and then write that book. But, if I do end up only doing that in the rewrite, it’s not the end of the world.

I hope so much that next week, pre-5pm target comes back. Only been a week since that petered out again and boy, I miss it more than I realised I would. In time. Gotta patiently rebuild.