May 23rd, 2021 – 970

Technically it was yesterday. But today is the 30 day mark, and as an average month rounds to 30 – if only just – this is the last 30 days of the first 1K of 1K. That is a weird thought. It only gets stranger still given that, assuming that restrictions lift as planned, just under half of the whole of 1K has been under the shadow of covid. Hellava midpoint if I were to break up the story into beats, which, well the idea has occured to me. After all, in a bizarre twist the 1,000 days of 1K assuming no dramatic upset in the home stretch fits the Save the Cat story beats perfectly. It’s just too bad I do not want to write that book I guess.

Speaking of books that aren’t looking great, MAL. Out the gate, this was a strong one, and the premise still works, but I’m lost. I’m writing scenes but I have no real idea what this book is about or what I’m trying to evoke in the reader’s heart. So I need to try and take a few steps to correct that, starting with some furious log line writing. That’s probably going to be my alongside-work task tomorrow, and one for me to sleep on tonight. I just hope I actually sleep tonight. Not a great track record of that lately.