May 16th, 2021 – 963

Tomorrow is a big day for the UK. I’m wondering if when I go into the office there’ll be more people there, or of the slide is going to be more gradual than that. It might be an anticlimactic change, at least until Wednesday when I finally get to play some Magic in person for the first time in over 6 months. The last time was a brief window in August-October before the accident.

Energy wise, I just needed to crash this weekend, no delicate way to put it. At least I did manage ok targets, even if nether were particularly early. I’m hoping I’ll find it a norm that I just wrote early at work, and then I can focus on the weekends a little easier as an area to improve. Funny, as conquering the weekend is really where I was in 1K 800 days ago, though I’m hoping this isn’t an 800 day regression.

MAL is trotting along just fine, well over 1/3rd done even if I overshoot now. I am a teensy bit worried still that the pacing is too slow, but I have always found pacing to be a ‘fix it in the rewrite’ thing. I think it’s a good story, but what it needs now is some flare, some of the unexpected action and, maybe, a bit more of the romance subplot. And yes of course it’s a gay romance subplot, I am incapable of doing otherwise it seems…