May 14th, 2021 – 961

10am target. I can’t remember when that last happened. I’m sure it can’t have been that long ago, and I imagine that it’s more the brain fog of the last few months, rather than true distance. Even so, it’s such a nice feeling to win the day right at the start. Target in the morning means no matter what happens, I can say today was a good day for getting things done. True, there is a lot more to life than that, but it’s a win, and on those wins you build a better grounding for everything else. This week has perhaps been the most dramatic change in my well-being since, well, actually I think straight up ever. It’s like having my life back.

So what comes next? I need to get back on top of my UpWork jobs, as I had to take a break from being run down last week and busy finding my feet this week. I’ve also decided rather than squeezing work in when I get home on weekdays, I am just making Saturday a ‘working’ day. I think my clients will work around that, at least one will have no problems with it and the other is flexible so should sign off without too much trouble. That means that my old day structure can return, where after 6pm I don’t work on things unless I haven’t yet hit target. That’s how it should be, and how I want to function. A new start means I can set the old boundaries. Job and home don’t touch, work and post-6pm don’t touch, and in no time at all, friends and friends can touch. Ok, I meant hugs, but that came out sounding way too lewd.

One of my oldest continuous friends’ turns 27 today. Funnily enough she’s a bedrock of 1K itself, a person who maybe more than anyone else kept poking me to keep writing until I finally figured out how to make it a habit. I hope that she has a lovely day, and if you are among my imaginary readers today, happy birthday. Here’s hoping with the end of the apocalypse we can have a belated celebration in person, and raise a glass to freedom.