May 12th, 2021 – 959

I’m torn. So Limited Run Games – a company that do physical releases of among other titles, some of my all time favorites – is doing Sam & Max Save the World for the Switch. I’ll be honest, while I liked Hit the Road, it had stuff competition at the time of its release. To give you some idea, down the line when I finally got a CD copy of the game, it wasn’t even why I bought said CD. That disk just so happened to bundle with Day of the Tentacle, and well, lets just say that’s a game quite high on my favorites of all time list. Save the World on the other hand had no such crowding, and I loved it on the Wii and later on the PC. It does quite well in my rankings, better than the original, and I am very fond of it but, am I $35 fond of it? Or, am I possibly $70 fond of it? Or do I actually need a physical copy at all.

Ok, that last question is dumb because of course I don’t. However I like having physical copies of games because they’re nice to look at, particularly when I’m too burned out to immerse myself in a game and just want to enjoy looking at them. And that alarm bell ringing statement is a nice segue into the actual main news of today, namely that I finally did it, I finally messaged a therapist. It only took me – checks notes – ‘yes’ amount of time to get around to that. I should really have gotten one in February. 2014. I have been putting this off for a while but my brain melting during lockdown somewhat increased the urgency. So yeah, that’s a big step forwards.

MAL also hit 30,000 words today, so about the 1/3rd mark, ish. That assumes we don’t rocket over as happened with TWO, but I think my brain was not in a good place writing either draft of that book because editing it today I found two 3,900 word chapters. Next to each other. To give you some sense of scale, I write 2,000 word chapters that occasionally get as high as 2,400 with very rare exceptions, so that could do with some cleaving. I use that word on purpose because I think I’m straight up gonna have to hack bits of the chapters off and tidy it up afterwards, there is that much fluff to work through. But if it’s a choice between fluff in my writing and fluff in my brain I’m battling, I’ll take two overstuffed chapters any day.