May 10th, 2021 – 957

I managed to write on my lunch break today for the first time in, a while. I think what did it, what made me feel empowered, was that I got the best news I have in months today: I can go back in. In fact, I’m hoping to as soon as tomorrow. It’s strange but, the idea of going into the office is like, birthday or Christmas levels of excitement. I love the office, it just, helps compartmentalise life when my work office isn’t my home. I’m hoping my productivity will go up with a change of scene too, as I am developing a bit much of a backlog at the moment. It matters to me that I do a good job.

Writing wise, today’s work was some of my best in over a week. I made the plot move in a way that introduced a nice twist, kicks off the action and sets the tone for the story. I still feel I need to backtrack and make the last few chapters more exciting but it’s a good start. I am also glad about writing sooner too, as that’s a good feeling to know my evening is entirely mine. Yes UpWork is still a thing, though I got so run down after my jab – not necessairly because of it – that I haven’t managed to do any extra work for a week. I need to catch up on lost time there.

The future has been looking up for about a month now, with no major injuries or global catastophies for a short while. Who knows, maybe, maybe by the end of this week, things will be almost normal again. I have to hope right? I really hope so.