May 9th, 2021 – 956

I did not sleep last night. I napped at midday for a bit but yeah, I feel, bleugh. But hey, it’s half 5 in the evening and target’s in the bag. I actually hit target a few hours ago after my nap, but I decided to focus on getting chores and such done first. Now I’m just lying on the sofa trying not to feel poorly. I really, really hope I sleep better/at all tonight.

So I’m starting to lose my footing with MAL. I’m going as far as debating scratching what I wrote these past four or so days, putting it to one side and retrying from a couple chapters back. I’m setting up conflicts and such but, the fun and games should be kicking off more than it is. I could really do with doing a fresh sketch of the plot too.

Lastly, I’m hoping to go back into the office this coming week. Not on Monday as I originally thought I think, if only because I’m feeling a bit run down and while I can test, I think I’d rather play it safe when I’m run down. But here’s hoping that maybe Wednesday, I’m back at my desk and ready to put the last pieces back together. I guess we shall see.