May 5th, 2021 – 952

I bought the most adorable little chess table today – I’ll append it to the end of this post – so that alone makes today a success, even if I already achieve that via 1K anyway. It’s not in great condition and needs, a lot of TLC at some point if that’s even going to make a difference, but I don’t care because it’s cute and I love it. I also managed to do my last leafleting batch for this local election cycle, which feels weird as I have done three delivery routes, no canvassing, no work in Langney at all in fact. This is the most alien election I have ever felt involved in. In terms of votes only the referendum really beats it out.

MAL is going well, I think. I’m a bit wary that the last couple of chapters don’t need-need to be there, and they’re mostly fluff. I may need to rehome or adapt them in some way to make them fit the narrative better and allow for a proper break into 2 moment, but that’s future-me’s problem. I can practically see him shaking his fist at me now for my hubris. But whatever, a draft is a draft, and I haven’t enjoyed writing a story like this since I wrote TFS, which is kinda sad because that was a year ago. Looking back, writing WAN, TWR and then TWO twice one after the other was a horrific thing to do when I was already feeling lousey; they’re not exactly cheery books.

Right, imma go pass out now after my row. Oh on that note, today will be my 11th day in a row. Heh, row.

I’ll see myself out…

Also have table: