May 3rd, 2021 – 950

Fifty days to go until the big day, and on my current pace, it’s not out of the question I’ll finish writing MAL before I reach that milestone. And I’m writing this at twenty past six, so I’m working within reasonable hours. I feel pretty darn good all in all, and I am stoked that things are going as well as they are. Mum made me a cauliflour curry for tonight and I’m celebrating this home stretch to 1K1K and successful bank holiday weekend with good food, good cake, and some peace.

But the best part about today came in a text a few hours ago: invite for a vaccine. I’m getting vaccinated at last, and man, even if it’s just part one that’s such a good feeling I can’t stress enough the joy it brings. I’m getting vaccinated, and after that just one jab seperates me from being able to live without paranoia of long covid or any of the nastiness that can come from catching the wretched thing. It’ll be worth feeling naff afterwards and I’m all here for it. But all that’s to come, so for now, I’m gonna rest and relax. Things are going alright.