April 25th, 2021 – 942

Boom, evening target. I tidied the flat, I got my food shop done. I even ran into my close friend Andy and his dog Bubbles – who if you’re from the future and have read TWO you might recognise from his cameo. Today went so freaking well it was almost as if the world wasn’t burning in the firery depths of hell for five minutes. Or even heck for the whole day it’s felt nuanced and productive, and I still feel full of energy and purpose. I’m gonna do a few more tasks, then chill playing some Phasmo with a friend for the evening.

I’m a little surprised how easy I’m finding writing MAL. The novel is rolling from my fingertips as if I knew how this one was meant to go all the long, or dare I say, because I’ve found a genre blend I really like. It’s a little because MAL follows right on from TWO I think, but not as much as I first suspected. Today’s chapter took a bit of time for me to get started on but it flowed about as well as TFS did, last year. And that’s where an interesting thought occurs to me: do I just, find it easier to write in the spring?

That wasn’t true for 2019 – I actually had a 10,000+ word false start to that novel if memory serves, and it will be documented on the blog if you wanna check that to be sure. I can’t be bothered to because I don’t want to remember how dismal that felt at the time right now, not when I’m on a high. But that was also at a time when I didn’t do main story every day, which hampered me a lot more than I realised until I made the switch and got a few months of that under my belt. But maybe, just maybe, this is an indicator I don’t feel so good in the darker months. Shock. Horror. Can;t think of why that would be…

I need more lamps.