April 24th, 2021 – 941

So it’s a bit later than I would like to be blogging, but today went more or less to plan. I played a lot of video games, did some tidying, resting, and overall had a pleasent day that made me feel contented. I bought Dyson Sphere Program and that game is super fun so far; I’m looking forward to when I can start getting into the deep depths of that one. And on Phasmophobia I’m only getting better at ghosthunting. On top of all that, I wrote 1,270 words of MAL, which means I’ve not had a day so far below 1,150. I will, I can gurantee that if for no other reason than this pace is a little too intensive to maintain, but it means I’ve hit the ground running.

The story itself works pretty well, and I’m confident about this first draft in a way I was not expecting as I went into the project. I’m also all too aware that I haven’t even begun the broader story yet, including multiple perspectives from the various party’s campaigns. It’s going to be an interesting task to not put my own biases into this one, but I’m confident I can pull that off. After all WHT went well and that was about a Conservative president. Alec Douglas Home was a Conservative PM and I still use the name for a decent character. I’m capable of looking past my own, opinions on the ideology, and this is a story about the limits of ideology in part.

Well, I’m gonna go crash in bed now, but it’s a nice crash. I feel content. I feel, in control. I hope this lasts.