April 22nd, 2021 – 939

Well this is a significant improvement. I’m writing this in a little breathing space I got at work. and it’s 14:29. That’s a significantly earlier target than I’ve been hitting lately, and I managed to fit it seamlessly between Markbook tasks at work. Moreover, I have done all my other writing tasks for the day too. This is one of my best mental health peaks in months, rivalling my birthday. I feel in control, just like I thought I was, and in a way, it took yesterday’s scare to kick me back into gear. Here’s what happened.

Yesterday was a bit of a robotic day. I did work tasks, email clearing and just, functioned enough. It wasn’t comfortable and I was feeling super burned out. I wrote late, but by some miracle dropped off right away when I went to sleep, meaning I woke from a proper eight hour sleep at last. It was as if a switch were flipped in my brain, and I joyfully jumped into work tasks from there. And then, I just did target on the side, like I’m supposed to. It wasn’t a big deal, and I managed to make good use of the bits and pieces of free time I had to bank 1,650 words to boot. A hyper productive day.

And wanna know the best part? I’m jazzed to get back to work today. I feel motivated. This is the proof I needed to reject late-night social requests, because accepting them sent me to a bad place. Early sleeping has to be the way to go. And for now, I can dive back into work with cheer. This is a good day. This is almost a normal day. When I get back to the office at last, this is going to be a lot of days. I can’t wait.