April 20th, 2021 – 937

Two early nights defying bad nights’ sleep, only to not be able to sleep the following night. I can do earlier tagert on less sleep, but I can’t chain earlier targets on next to no sleep. There comes a point where I am not functional anymore outside of the hours I put in at work, and by 5pm I was running on fumes. My willpower sapped, I ended up getting in pizza I didn’t really want, buying cards I don’t really need, and failing to find the energy for target I need so badly. So it’s gonna be a late one, and tomorrow I’ll be working on even less sleep. What can you do. The answer is pretty much ‘carry on and try not to get ill’.

MAL is going, ok, but I feel like I really needed those full nights of sleep I meticulously cultivated for myself only to lie awake staring at the ceiling for three hours. Starting a new book needs decent batteries, and mine are leaking acid into my brain, which is less than ideal. It doesn’t help that as I ended up making the transition at the same time I transitioned back to work, I haven’t given a lot of thought to immersing myself into the story. I need to change that real soon if this isn’t gonna turn into a dud. I have plenty of time, but that time’s a wasting.