April 17th, 2021 – 934

Today went a little better. Book still isn’t done but I did say it wouldn’t be. No sprint to the finish kind of makes sense too, as this book has been a hard one to write without being unpleasent like WAN, which made me sprint to have it be over and done with. It’ll be done tomorrow though because there’s less than a thousand words to go, and I am more than ok with a chill end to this project. Moreover, I think the last few days, with one chapter as exception, have seen a much better quality of prose. Yes nailing the wording in a first draft, even when it’s a type up isn’t important, but hey it’s nice when I feel I’m back on some kind of form.

Stress levels are doing ok, diet is ok, exercise is, well bad but no surprises there. The real problem is my ruined sleep schedule that will have to fall back in line with my 9 to 5 in a couple days. So what do I do? Well tomorrow I have plans, but I think I need to say to myself I can’t do those plans until target is in the bag. If I can stick to that then it may by social pressure force an early target, and at this point I’ll accept a forced one. It’s not ideal but it’ll do. I’m still optimistic that I’m on an upward trajectory, but the proof will be in how I respond to Monday. I just hope I’ve fixed my major burnout.