April 16th, 2021 – 933

Well, today is day 800 of this blog, so that’s kinda neat. It was also a good day, one where I finally finished upgrading the cube for the foreseeable future, which is always a nice place to be in. I spend, so much time on that project compared to how much I actually get to use it, but it’s like cultivating a garden. Granted most gardens aren’t made of expensive cardboard but hey, if it works it works. Today was a good day, and yet, writing late yet again. Why? Because my sleep schedule is in tatters again, because I prioritiesed social oppotunities over sleep routine. I have to stress I do not regret that, but I’m sure as heck feeling it. Doesn’t help that I techically start working again tomorrow.

All I can do is wrap up my writing tasks and go to bed. I’m doing that now, and then tomorrow I guess I’ll, I have no idea. I do not feel rested right now and that’s really bad, because I took this time off to rest. It’s still a vast improvement on the last attempts at holiday I tried, but I need to get my act together. And of course, TWO is still not done. I don’t think I’ll finish it tomorrow either, which is ok, but a little dispiriting that I looked as if I’d bring the book in for a landing before the 13th and then just found a bunch of missing content. But sometimes it be that way.