April 14th, 2021 – 931

Believe it or not, and I don’t think this is all that surprising, I still have not finished TWO. I think I have done well to get it done on the pace I have what with the house move right before I started typing it and the general exhaustion I’ve had for god knows how long now. But again, as with yesterday, who gives a doodle? I tell you what I do give a doodle about, and that’s my UpWork earnings, as I am hoping that soon my ID will finally be validated and I’ll be able to put those funds into, I dunno I guess low risk stocks? Not Crypto I can tell you that much but I should put them somewhere where they’ll grow a bit in the meantime. I don’t know I’m not a money.

Still tired. Still out of sync. But still just as optimistic as yesterday. I do feel like I’m clambering back to the surface world again, the sting in my eyes of actual daylight breaking through the formerly solid topsoil. I’ve been buried for a long time and I will need a long, long, long time to get used to being ok again, but if there’s any more lockdowns and such coming, I think this time, unless I somehow snap my foot off rather than just possibly-fracturing it, I should be ok. Trying to be optimistic here.

But you know what else is cool? I alluded to it above, but for the first time in almost two years, I have a valid photo ID. So I think Imma go buy a bottle of Kraken tomorrow and have an enforced day of chill, maybe just YouTube and tinkering with Magic decks and the cube. Then again, drinking and impulse card purchases tend to go hand in hand. Then then again, I am about to drop over a hundred on a sodding Tolarian Academy when it’s banned in literally everything, and I’m doing that sober. I just might need a drink afterwards…