April 11th, 2021 – 928

I’ve just been so distracted these last few days. I think my brain has just been in open rebellion at all the pressure I put it under. Sucky but inevitable I guess. I managed not to get ill, unless you count the strange red marks I got all over the back of my hand again. No idea what causes those but my leading theory based on when they’ve appeared is it’s stress based. Doesn’t help that I’ve been making a point of taking up socialising offers whenever they pop up. No regrets on that, it’s been a big mental health boon.

TWO is gonna be 92K. As you might guess I didn’t sprint yesterday, though I did end up on a total of 1,470. 4K to go in two days. However tomorrow will have a bit less distraction tomorrow so who knows, maybe I’ll sprint then. 89K by the end of today, assuming I now don’t add more. Less chance of that than yesterday. But hey, if I overshoot it’s not like the deadline matters. It would be nice to finish before or on my birthday though.