April 7th, 2021 – 924

So I wrote a pretty intense scene tonight, a key character confessing to some pretty dark thoughts. Leaving that deliberately vague for obvious reasons but I think it might yet prove to be the best scene I’ve written of the book so far. Actually, it might just be the best piece of writing I’ve ever done, so that’s neat. What makes it all the neater is that I have completed all my tasks for target before 10pm, this blog excluded of course, which is a pretty big deal but will be tested tomorrow. Of late, Thursday has been my final boss battle several times, and it’s ‘defeated’ me on each. Sure I write target, but I end the day super late, super tired, and more than a bit stressed. The challenge tomorrow will be to avoid this fate, so I can go into my time off this weekend on a high note.

Speaking of high notes, I finally finished my video games project, and have my list of my top ten games of all time. I won’t put the list here just yet becayse I kinda feel like doing a proper write up, but I can tell you three of the entries on the top ten varied between surprising to downright shocking for me. I agree with them, but I never realised if I put all the games in order they’d come out this way. I’ll probably do the write ups as a birthday present to myself of sorts because why not. For now though, it’s still pre-10pm, and I feel like getting some shut eye. Wish me luck tomorrow. I may need it.