April 5th, 2021 – 922

13:31 the day before work and I have all my key tasks done. I wrote 1,100 words of TWO, updated my Bullet Journal and even added a page for planning and refining my desk layout; I journalled, did some editing to WHT and with this post, I can switch off for the day. Best part is I am going to use that time wisely: I’m gonna have my lunch, then go for a walk in the park listening to an audiobook, and when I get back home, I’ll do a spruce up of the flat. A win win day, because even if for whatever reason I don’t manage all of that, I’ve already done all the stuff I needed to. I have carte blanche to crash if I need to. So yeah, turns out I just really needed a few good days, to see family and to get some sleep. Who’d have thought it?

Of course this coming week has an added little bonus, in that it’s only four working days, and then a week follows that where I don’t need to do anything at all besides my core writing tasks. I did debate pulling back some of my annual leave from that 5-day stretch, given that’s got to last me until September, but with one floating day and a bunch of bank holidays in May to boot, I think I’ll be alright in this home stretch. I’ve also got my desk and a bunch of cool things from my birthday and Christmas arriving hopefully around the tail end of the academic year, so plenty to look forward to and keep me upbeat. I count myself very lucky that in spite of all the oppotunities the last few months had to knock me out, I’ve had far more good than bad incoming in that same window. Yes the bad was louder, but learning to shut that out has been a vital skill.

Well I think it’s time for me to get to it. Have not felt this relaxed in months.