April 2nd, 2021 – 919

I’m not sure how to rate today. Blogging past 11pm is not a great sign, but then this is a mini holiday and I’ve managed to not get really ill, so that’s a great sign. Even the stress red spots on my hands have gone away, alwaya a good sign. I’m still feeling shattered but, I dunno buying this new Magic deck and proxying it up – I had to spend an extra £9 because I was running too slow – it’s really given me a casual focus I can build around. I’ve been trying without much success to get that rush from video games but it wasn’t there, with the exception of Animal Crossing at least. Oh darn speaking of I forgot to check the unique Easter furniture item for today. No biggie, though my island is vaguely Easter themed all year round so it would have been nice to get more decor.

TWO is now in the home stretch. I don’t know if it’s less than 10K off a draft at this point, but with a sprint to the finish that might not even matter. Granted, in my current health a sprint may not be a practical thing to achieve, but who’s to say? I may be better off resisting one if only so I can focus on resting. I wanted to finish by my birthday and that’s going to happen on a snails pace, there’s no need to rush.