April 1st, 2021 – 918

It’s Thursday what did you expect? At least me blogging after midday means I don’t have to make some half baked attempt at an April Fools joke or reference. Technically, I suppose that is a half baked reference but, I am far, far too tired to care right now. Honestly if tomorrow wasn’t a holiday I might have needed to use one of my remaining days of leave, and I have approximitely one of those left to use. But I did also finally decide to take the plunge on a Commander deck I couldn’t justify building until now. The first cards for it arrived as the world began to crumble last year, and with not much hope for in person play I ended up shelving the idea for a while. Rat Token Tribal/Relentless Rats however is all ordered, or the last few pieces are about to be.

TWO is looking alright, and I even did some story beat calculations to confirm that if nothing else, my beats are all falling where they need to or near enough. Beats aren’t the be all and end all, but it doesn’t hurt to have them functional in this latest iteration of the first draft. Didn’t get much other writing stuff done today but to be honest, I held in tact until the Easter weekend; I’m calling that a win.