March 29th, 2021 – 915

Well, wish granted. I said yesterday I wanted to blog earlier and, well here I am. Taregt is done, 1,300 words of it to boot. Journal is completed for the day, and I’m doing some editing right after this on a seperate writing project. All told, today is a resounding success. At least, until we talk about the problem that’s still holding me back. and kinda takes the euphoria sheen off of the rest of the good. That problem, as it always has been, is my energy levels. Today is a bit of an odd case, because it was Moron’s Hour last night. I won’t even capitalise daylight savings time because the proper name is Moron’s Hour, because only morons think it’s a good idea to have it. Sadly, it’s not as easy as a majority being against it, institutions are hard to push against, even those as dumb as ‘let’s mess with everyone’s sleep schedule because farmers 200 years ago might have benefited from it and one guy wanted to hunt butterflies no I’m not kidding‘.

Sleep disruption aside however, I was running on low battery the whole day. That’s infuriating of course, but what can you do? I have no idea what the root of the problem is and even if I did, there’s so many other factors right now like lockdown that prevent me from making any meaningful change. The number of times I’ve had to write in my journals for the last year ‘this is temparary/this will pass/this isn’t forever’ might be enough to have a thousand words collectively by themselves. I need to get my head on straight as I have work to do this evening but I just, want to get that through my head again, that I won’t always be working out of my home, that I will have a boarder. Once I can go back into the office you better believe the first thing I’m doing is turning off work emails on my phone and uninstalling EVERY work app. The boundaries are what I really need, and they will come, I hope.

I’m gonna make some food and dive into editing. If nothing else, at least I’ll be getting an early night tonight. And no ancient farmers can come steal it from me.