March 28th, 2021 – 914

Late blog, but an earlier target. I’ll try and make this relatively substantial but I wanna head near enough right to bed as I have a chance at restoring my sleep. I slept in both weekend days, and today it needed to be until 12pm so I could get close to 8 hours of sleep. Even then I fell 6 minutes short. The good news is I am feeling a lot better for the last two days, even if I didn’t get as much done over the weekend as I would have liked. I still got most of the flat tidy including the backup on the washing up. Things are a bit rough still but these bumps in the road, they’re taking less and less time to fix. I would be a bit presumptious to assume there’s no more hiccups on the horizon, but I’m gonna try to be optimistic.

35 words seperate TWO from hitting 73,000 words. Funnily enough due to the most recent series of cuts to TUS, this makes it my second shortest novel if taken at its current word count, and of course we are going to overshoot by quite some way. It really makes me wonder if after I finish TEL, I should double back and for a finale rewrite TUS from scratch. I’m not sure it needs it per say but I might benefit from doing so if only because it’s the novel that still holds the most of my old writing quirks. Still that’s a problem for another day, and to be honest I’m more keen on writing A Planet Named George when I get to that point as I’ve been itching to for years now.

Getting my act together. In the end, that’s all you can ask for. Here’s hoping I post tomorrow’s blog entry earlier.