March 27th, 2021 – 913

I totally forgot that the album Power Overwhelming by Big Bad Bosses existed. I love these songs so much and it’s been years since I last got to indulge. I am a sucker for villian’s perspective in all its forms. To be honest, I always empathised with the villians growing up more anyway. My D&D alignment is more than likely Lawful Evil in my heart, but somehow I’m also Lawful Good. It’s almost as if alignment charts are a load of, well I don’t swear on this blog so, rubbish. But yeah if I were in a fantasy story and had a choice, I’d pick being the villian any day. Also yes I love Megamind, how did you guess? Though to be fair, that film is incredible.

Oh so today on an unrelated note I managed to stab myself about 40 times. At the same time time in fact. Protip, if a cacti is falling off a counter, it helps to know where the tweezers are before you swoop in to save it. Cacti thank you for saving their lives by turning your fingers into mini cacti. That, that hurt quite a lot. When I found a couple spines managed to get about half way through my thumb, I was, not pleasently surprised by that. Good thing about those spines though is it’s like an injection needle, it just comes out without too much sign anything happened. At least, the ones I could get out did. Yeah that was really not cash money.

TWO is now 70,000 words. That means even if I only managed 1K days here on out, I will easily finish the story by my birthday. That’s a lovely feeling, but it did snap me to attention on one count: I have given no thought to The Malcolm Effect. I mean I know the vague plot and, well it’s about a by-election, I’ve worked on enough of them. I’d be working on one right now if I could actually get to Hampden Park to help an old friend in his campaign, but on this foot my options are, limited. I feel, pretty damn confident that he doesn’t need my help though so all’s good. Still, I need to get into the mindset of this novel, so it might be a good idea to risk my foot and get into gear before long. It’s gonna be a fun novel, if dark as all heck in places. To be honest it’s dark all the way to The End of the Line. Literally.