March 26th, 2021 – 912

Ok, ok I am feeling, rough. IT’S NOT THAT, let’s just be crystal clear on this. I feel rough because I’ve chained so many seven hour nights that – while I’ve avoided 6 hour nights, my brain is melting anyway. The fix is to sleep, and I will, as soon as I have everything I need to get done done. The good news, is I am doing little to no work over this weekend. Outside of 1K I should be keeping to four hours at most, and within 1K that barely reaches seven of my 48 hours. Well, 47 hours because we still use a borderline-medieval clock adjustment system that was antiquated when it was conceived. Can you tell I’m bitter about this? Cos I’m bitter about this. I want my sleep and it’s gonna eat into my weekend as it is, I don’t need farmers from the 1700s running away with a chunk of my day off. Wow I really am sleep derped aren’t I?

I think I’m getting borderline obsessed about my new desk. Seriously, I made a Million Desk Discord emote. Actually that’s a lie, I made two. It’s nice to be hyped over the idea to be honest, it’s been a while since I felt real excitement like this about a new posession; interstingly enough, I have the last such example that I’ve since come to own right in front of me, and yes, I picked a colour scheme that would match the rowing machine. I really want to get back into rowing when my foot stops being unusable after mild exercise. I’m just really looking forward to one day when all this mess blows over, I’ll be able to spend hours writing at my mahogony desk, go for a few quick rows when I need to de-stress in between revision sessions, then go to the shop and socialise with human beings in person. It’s so weird that that’s a given to happen eventually and yet there’s a crazy part of me not fully convinced it’ll ever happen.

TWO is shaping up really nicely now. I had a few rocky patches along the way, mostly where I decided in draft 0.1 – paper – I rambled on too long. Yes I know it’s unthinkable to you my loyal Imaginary Readers that I would ever ramble on at length over a subject that didn’t add to the wider context of what I was meant to be talking about in sometimes the most ridiculous run on sentances that you think are about to come to an end and yet somehow keep going and manage to get even worse the longer they go on for as a deluge of really frustratingly unnesassarily appended adverbs start to cloud out all meaning that the given sentance might have once had before it fell off the tracks and plummeted into the abyss of incomprehensibility that bad sentances go to to die. No, I never do that. Ever. That sentence hurt to write.

Silliness aside though, I am hoping there ends up being enough substance to the second half of act 2. It’s such a huge leap from the start of the story, and I imagine this won’t be a popular shift for mainstream readers but, well even if I do ensure you could read TWO as your first TSTO book, I don’t see it as for those readers. This is in effect like an Avengers movie: you can watch it on its own, but you get the stylistic choices and plot elements a lot better if you’ve done your homework beforehand. Also, for reasons that will become more evident in time when my super secret project I occasionally hint at comes to fruition, it kind of won’t matter if people don’t like the design choices in the long term. I will attempt to iron them out all the same but, this may not be the issue it once was. Really want to buy a TOP SNEAKY CGPGrey stamp now.

Oh on that note, I managed to catch my first live directors commentary on one of CGPGrey’s videos today and it was the mood lifter I needed more than I realised. That signifies all the more clear that I need to relax this weekend and try to charge my batteries. I would say recharge, but there comes a point they’ve been empty so long that the ‘re’ part becomes disingenious. I think that point happened in January.